Milia Pictures is a host of collaborators coming together to create thematically-minded narrative films. By playing to each of our strengths we’ve been able to generate an environment where everyone’s creativity builds to produce films greater than the sum of their parts.

Kevin O'Brien - Director/Producer
Using his experience as a marketer and coordinator at various Southern California firms, Kevin spearheads all of Milia's projects -- organizing and planning all aspects of production to create focused and efficient shooting days. Through his direction, Kevin turns abstracted concepts into polished, complete films.

Connor O'Brien - Director of Photography/Camera Operator
Connor serves as Milia's director of photography, camera operator, and editor. A studio photographer by trade, Connor spends his personal time producing music.

Andy Kneis - Writer
Andy comes up with the concepts and writes the scripts for Milia’s projects. During the day, he hones his writing skills with a certain mouse-based entertainment company--most of his other time is spent pursuing as many creative endeavors as he can, from music to podcasting and even the occasional stand up performance.